The Man in The Mirror program shall aim is to achieve the following goals: 

To encourage the participant to recognise his abuse and identify his use of abusive behaviour as a choice by accepting responsibility for its impact on his partner and others. 
To expand the participant’s understanding of the causes of his violence and abuse by examining the cultural, social and personal factors that influence his choice to be violent and abusive. 
To impart practical skills for non-controlling and non-violent ways of relating to women. 
To assist the participant to understand that his acts of violence, abuse, and use of power and privilege are a means of controlling the victim's actions, thoughts, and feelings. 
To increase the participant’s willingness to change his actions. For example, by examining the negative effects of his behaviour on his relationship, his partner, his children, his friends and himself. 
To encourage the participant to become accountable to those he has hurt through his use of violence, and to take whatever actions necessary to comply with the safety needs of his partner and to make restitution for the effects of the abuse. 





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