The Sting of Narcissistic Abuse 

Narcissistic Share And Care Group 
Have you fallen in love with a mask? You are going to get your life and identity back. We support you to be yourself 
Groups between 6 and 10 people 
Only men 
Only female 
6 weeks - 2 hours per week 
Get in touch by calling or texting 0748 2871 120 or click here and fill in the contact form. 
The Man in the Mirror 

(TMITM) is a perpetrator violence intervention program. 

The objectives of the program is to ensure that victim’s safety is central to the work. Alexandra Groves, the trainer and Founder for The Man in the Mirror Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, proposes the following principles and guidelines for a domestic abuse intervention program. 

The Objectives 

To guarantee safety for the partners of group participants 
Aim and work to end domestic abuse by constructing a culture of deterrence 
To ensure the program is collaborating with prisons and the criminal justice system 
To teach perpetrators alternatives to coercive, controlling, and violent behaviours in intimate relationships. 
Men Cry 2 Support group For Men 
Men are twice as likely to struggle with emotional support because they have no one to rely on, a new study from mental health charity Mind has suggested. 
Do you hide behind a mask ? or have you fallen in love with a mask that was a delusion. The support group is a safe, warm welcoming atmosphere. This is for survivors to come together to heal and support each other from abuse or challenges you have endured. 


"It was absolutely fantastic meeting you, thank you so much for Saturday , you have a great insight and positive energy and I found it so inspirationing and being in the group gave me so much needed and very valuable hope. 
Please send me a formal invoice and a schedule of payment plan. 
I look forward to seeing you and the group again on a Saturday" 






Accredited & Quality Assured 

The Man In The Mirror course is accredited and quality assured by OCN Credit4Learning an awarding body that have been independently verifying educational and training provision for over twenty years
As a consequence of successfully accrediting the programme designated at a national recognised education level. The program is annually reviewed by an external examiner and all successful learners receive certificates from OCN Credit4Learning 
" The hardest prison is in your mind " 

not HMP. Changes start with you…not an excuse 


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